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Our Proposal to the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale:

❖  We represent the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce
❖  Our request is to place a statue of former President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a man of the Enlightenment whom
as a Turkish field marshal fought for independence against the invading British, French, and Russian empires to 
establish a secular Turkish Republic.
❖  The bronze statue will be crafted, purchased, and placed free of any financial burden for the city


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The following constituents signed the petition to the Mayor; 

Fuat Ornarli

Meral Ornarli

Ayse Celik

Ziya Celik

Mustafa Guvendi

Birsen Guvendi

Levent Durgun

Bengu Durgun

Kemal Kocak

Senay Kocak

Tulin Oz

Evcan Alptekin

Tuna Alper

Aziz Kocak

Ayla Sumer

Mehmet Akcay

Feray Akcay

Firat Akcay

Murat Akcay

Hande Erturk

Tulay Sozanlar

Ramazan F. Pulat

Irfan Atesnak

Muge Nurgun

Cem Sayin